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Kitchen Launch at Chelsea Flower Show 2018

Launch of the new 'Elemental Kitchen' - in collaboration with  deVOL. 

Wood-Metal-Stone. A marriage of the different materials, an expression of design through craftsmanship.

Within a beautiful Winter Garden by the Caulfield Company.


When I first visited deVOL I was absolutely struck by the strength of the design and artisan culture fostered by Paul O'Leary. I felt among kindred spirits.


I wanted good strong shapes that work together, engineered solutions that define boundaries with accuracy. Crisp sharp detailing, and precisely defined inter-faces that can be seen to work.

For our collection with deVOL we have looked to remain true to original source materials, and deVOL have integrity about this. We have used simple processes that create the furniture in an organic way. But together the amalgamation of the process delivers a spectacular and sophisticated result-stylish, elegant and totally functional- but different to anything else you will see.

We have evolved a pivot hinge, cast by deVOL and based around  the early Crittal concepts. We have designed a frame work, originating from classic Georgian cock-beading, which allows us to introduce an infinite variety and number of facia panels for our kitchen fronts.

This is how we have incorporated brass, ash and copper in our front facias. And this is just the start of our exploration of new potential facia panels. 

The sink is in magnificent Arabescato marble, sculpted from a single solid block.

Design is in the detail

21st - 26th May 2018

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